Coffee with Jess

cocktail Nov 30, 2020

This is another almond delight from PositanoYes in Stockholm. And coffee and nuts go so well together, especially adding the sweetness of the Disaronno. ⁠

Using cold brew in drinks is cool. By brewing coffee cold and slowly a lot of the bitter notes of coffee become less noticeable, creating this smooth and fruity brew that's just right for a cocktail of this type. This particular cold brew comes from Kersh kafferosteri and it just happens that the label perfectly match our lemons.⁠

Whisky is otherwise the main carrier in this cocktail. We've always liked to use a splash of whisky also in our Amraetto Sours so we're not surprised that this cocktail gets so delicious. Finally there's amaro in the mix, and we think a lot of different amari will work here. Meletti or CioCiaro would probably be our top two recommendations.⁠

PositanoYes, located within the NK department store, stay open, adopting to all restrictions. Not only can you have some of the best cocktails there, but also some fantastic Italian food. We can't recommend a visit enough.⁠

But even if you can't go, you can still buy some of their cocktails in take-away-versions. You don't get the actual alcoholic ingredients of course (hey we're in Sweden) but you get everything else you need. Just reach out to PositanoYes and they will suggest just the perfect kit for you.⁠


Recipe by Hedda Bruce


0,5 oz Disaronno (almond liqueur)⁠
0,5 oz amaro⁠
1 oz whisky⁠
1 oz cold brew coffee⁠
1-2 barspoons simple syrup⁠


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a chilled coupe.⁠