Champagne Snowball

Champagne Snowball

cocktail Apr 7, 2023

Wow @servedbysoberon - your cocktail recommendations are always of the highest standard! When Matthias spotted our previous egg liqueur post, he reached out and urged us to try Simon Difford’s “Champagne Snowball”.

A recently received bottle of Champagne Piaff became the base. A crisp dry sparkling wine which is absolutely stunning on its own. It has those bready notes that we like so much, and we also think that pale blue label looks so good.

The egg liqueur we use is from Poli, an Italian grappa producer who also make the creamiest and best egg liqueur we’ve tried.

And mixing these two craft products together, adding just some lime cordial and some dry sherry, results in one of the coolest cocktails ever. So delicious, fun and unexpectedly refreshing.

Champagne Snowball

Recipe by Simon Difford


60 ml dry Champagne
30 ml Fino sherry
15 ml lime cordial
60 ml egg liqueur


Pour the ice cold Champagne into a tall flute glass. Then shake the remaining ingredients with ice and strain over the Champagne.