A Cocktail Detour Straight Down Your Throat

List of cocktails and recipes from March 2, 2024.

Thank you so much for attending our first ever cocktail party together with Mathilda and Viktor, the masterminds behind Stockholm's coolest wine venue - Straight Down Your Throat. We hope you enjoyed the cocktails we served, and maybe even feel inspired to make some of them at home. Below are all six cocktails we served during the afternoon, together with the recipes.

(recipe by Rus Yessenov)
A French 75 riff, with a playful ice-cube and added elegance thanks to both Champagne and absinthe.

30 ml gin
15 ml fresh lemon juice
15 ml simple syrup
5 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
45 ml Champagne
a spray of absinthe
a frozen rosé wine ice cube

Shake the first four ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a large coupe. Add a frozen rosé wine cube, top up with Champagne and spray a few puffs of absinthe over the cocktail.

(classic cocktail)
One of our all time favorite cocktails, made with only three ingredients. Timeless, sophisticated and oh so stiff.

75 ml gin
15 ml dry vermouth
a few dashes of orange bitters
a luxurious green olive for garnish

Stir all liquid ingredients with fresh ice until ice cold. Pour into a coupe and garnish with a pierced olive.

(recipe by Mike Capoferri)
A citrusy and refreshing take on the classic Americano cocktail - made famous by recent viral TikTok videos.

45 ml Campari
30 ml dry vermouth
35 ml grapefruit cordial
110 ml water
3 drops saline solution (1 salt to 4 water)

Add all ingredients to an iSi Twist and Sparkle bottle and chill. Carbonate according to taste (we recommend 2-3 charges) and serve in a tall glass over a large stick of ice.

(recipe by Cocktail Detour)
A recipe we developed for a greek mythology themed cocktail competition. Later served at our one night takeover of bar Apropos at Sankt Eriksplan.

50 ml Lillet Blanc wine
15 ml Swedish punsch
10 ml violet liqueur
20 ml fresh lemon juice
a splash of club soda

This one we shake with fresh ice, and strain into a large rocks glass over one solid big ice-cube.

(recipe by the Cocktail Detour Straight Down Your Throat collective)
We added crowd-pleasing maraschino liqueur to a classic Daiquiri, and it went well!

50 ml white rum
30 ml fresh lime juice
20 ml maraschino liqueur

Shake with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lime coin.

(classic cocktail)
We end with one of the best cocktails we know. Here made with a split base of American bourbon and rye, a splash of brown simple syrup and house made bitters.

45 ml bourbon
30 ml rye
10 ml demerara simple syrup
a few dashes of bitters

Stir with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass, over a large ice-cube. Garnish with an orange slice.

Friends in the industry
We selected bottles, glassware, ice and tools from suppliers we like a little extra. Below are links if you want to check them out and support Swedish businesses at the same time.

Swedish gin from Barsebäcks Bränneri: here
Swedish punsch from Norrtälje Bränneri: here
Clear ice from Ice In A Box, based at Lidingö: here
Glassware "Krås" by Viktor Erlandsson: here
Glassware "Levitas" via Barkonsult: here