Calvados & Tonic

calvados Dec 12, 2018

Calvados & Tonic is in the end kind of a Christmas riff of the classic Gin & Tonic. Swapping gin for apple brandy means you end up with a slightly less bitter cocktail, with the apple shining through quite noticeably. If you want to make the cocktail even more Christmassy you could add a few drops of allspice dram at the top of the forming foam.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

Calvados & Tonic



1,5 oz Calvados
0,75 oz Swedish Tonic syrup
3 oz club soda


Shake the Calvados and the tonic syrup with fresh ice and strain into a highball glass. Add the club soda and gently stir in the glass. Then add fresh ice cubes.