Brown Sugar

cocktail Dec 29, 2017

This is another gem by Leo Robitschek, and it's simply called Brown Sugar. And brown is certainly what you end up with, as every single ingredient has a golden brown colour. There is the wonderful Lustau East India sherry, and delicious Italian amaro Cynar. Then there's both rye and rum and mole bitters to bind it all together.

We like how balanced this cocktail is. It's many different flavours compliment each other and create a boozy and stiff cocktail, that's still so easy and enjoyable to sip.

And as you see in the picture, we just couldn't resist photographing this cocktail together with a few brown sugar cubes!

Brown Sugar



1 dash mole bitters
0,75 oz Lustau East India Solera sherry
0,75 oz Cynar
0,75 oz rye
1 oz dark rum


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a glass.