Blood Orange Negroni Poptail

campari Jun 25, 2019


Negroni Week has started and we are thrilled to kick it off with a frozen blood orange Negroni. We made it ourselves, and it was surprisingly easy.

As the Swedish summer is warming us, it's quite fitting to enjoy these poptails right now. They are refreshingly ice cold, and they certainly taste like a Negroni - just in its frozen form.

We are excited to see all the wonderful Negronis made by people all over the world this week. Expect to see a few more from us during the rest of the week.

Blood Orange Negroni Poptail

Recipe from The Ice Kitchen


2,5 cups blood orange juice
0,25 cup Campari
2 tablespoons sweet vermouth
2 tablespoons gin
0,66 cup water
0,5 cup granulated sugar


Using the last two ingredients make a simple syrup and let it cool off slightly. Mix all the remaining ingredients in a separate jug, stir briefly and then add the cool simple syrup. Pour the mixture into moulds and freeze overnight. This recipe makes 10 large or 20 small poptails.


none needed