Blood and Sand

cherry heering Nov 16, 2017

The Blood and Sand is a classic cocktail for a reason. That combination os smoky scotch, cherry Heering and orange juice works so well. And it's obviously the cherry Heering that bloodstains the cocktail, but when it tastes as delicious as here, that's perfectly fine!

And the combination of scotch and orange juice is also interesting. The acidity from the juice, and the smoke from the scotch create a very pleasant and unique profile for this cocktail. Hard to describe in words, but delicious to experience in real life.

Decorating with a cherry is vital we think in this drink. Look at the dripping one closest to the camera lens i our photo . . . we are so proud of that drop!

Blood and Sand



1 oz scotch
0,5 oz cherry Heering
0,5 oz sweet vermouth
0,75 oz orange juice
0,5 teaspoon lemon juice


Shake with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a brandied cherry.