Beer Grylls

banana liqueur Nov 21, 2018

Beer cocktails we do not shake that often, but when seeing this recipe in Oskar Kinberg’s Cocktail Cookbook all we could do was to go and buy some wheat beer.

Because mixing beer with rum, banana and honey sounded too interesting not to try. And we think the result was delicious! We had this drink together with a hamburger, as it seemed like a good drink to pair with food.

Be careful though when pouring the beer into the glass with the other ingredients. A fantastic foam formed fast!

Beer Grylls

Recipe by Oskar Kinberg


1 oz white rum
1,5 oz banana liqueur
0,66 oz lime juice
1 tsp honey syrup
wheat beer to top up with


Shake all ingredients except the beer with ice. Strain into a beer glass and top up with a nice wheat beer.


beer glass