Apple Business

cocktail May 26, 2019


When @sohodrinks kindly offered us to try their rather unique juices we wanted to find the perfect cocktail to use juice in. (Pardon the pun, just had to write it that way haha).⁣

⁣In this drink we are trying the apple, honey & lemon juice from Soho Juice Co and it works brilliantly in this gin- and apple cocktail. The juice incorporates all the flavors of the drink and that way it enhances the whole drinking experience. ⁣

What's extra likable about the juice is that it is not too sweet, hence it works well to mix with. Also the fact that it's a still drink is nice. Using carbonated drinks in cocktails can be fun, but it's usually much calmer to work with non sparkling products.

Apple Business

Recipe by Theo Lieberman


2 oz dry gin⁣
1 oz apple juice⁣
0,5 oz fresh lime juice⁣
0,5 oz runny honey⁣


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and fine-strain into a rocks glass.⁣