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cocktail Dec 1, 2019

It is always exciting with new bottles. Gnista is a Swedish non-alcoholic product that mimics dark spirits like cognac or whisky. We've mixed with it once before, but wanted a second go taking the product in a slightly more exotic direction.⁠

So we decided to use some fresh pineapple juice as a base, adding the Gnista and also yuzu juice for freshness and acidity. What we always like about pineapple juice is how frothy it gets when shaken, and it creates a pleasing foam on top of the drink when poured.⁠

The combination here worked so well we think. The slightly bitter Gnista combined with sweet pineapple and sour yuzu was super delicious. A perfect Sunday brunch drink!⁠

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Recipe by Cocktail Detour


2 oz Gnista alcohol-free spirit⁠
2 oz fresh pineapple juice⁠
1 oz yuzu juice


Shake all ingredients hard, and strain into a coupe.