Vichy Cycle

calvados Nov 10, 2017

When traveling abroad we always try to bring back home some local spirits. So when we recently visited Berlin we bought a few small bottles of Kuemmerling, a “kräuterlikör” meaning it's made of herbs.

Then started the search for the perfect cocktail in which this new acquisition would be able to shine. Soon we found the Vichy Cycle by Erik Hakkinen. It mixes the Kuemmerling with Calvados and dry vermouth, hence creating a rather bitter cocktail.

The drink gets brown, rich and strong. It's really the perfect autumn sipper, so full of flavour and character.

Vichy Cycle



2 oz Calvados
1 oz white (dry) vermouth
0,5 oz Kuemmerling
2 dashes aromatic bitters


Stir with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Or pretend you're a chemist and use lab glassware like we did.