cocktail Aug 6, 2019

It's when the purple crème de cassis blends with the other three pale ingredients that this drink comes to live. Enhanced by some purple synthetic feathers and lime zest a really colourful cocktail is born.

Crème de cassis is supposed to float on top of the drink in this recipe, but it just doesn't work. The density of the blackcurrant liqueur is way too high (thanks to the sugar) to work as a float. But even when the liqueur dives to the bottom of the glass it still looks pretty pretty.

Seconds after we'd shot the drinks we stirred them in the glasses, to allow the liqueur to completely blend with the rest of cocktail before drinking them.




0,75 oz Cointreau
0,75 oz gin
0,75 oz lime juice
0,25 oz crème de cassis


Shake the first three ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a coupe. Carefully pour the crème de cassis over a barspoon into the drink.