Time Bomb

aquavit Apr 29, 2019


When Steve of @boxesandbooze told us he had a puzzle box by a Swedish cabinet maker to showcase, and that he wanted to find a cocktail to pair it with we couldn't resist but to help in the search.⁣

Because that's what Steve does, both on Instagram and on his blog. He pairs collectable hand made puzzle boxes with cocktails, and his approach is both unique and fascinating. And he certainly finds the most exquisite boxes, little pieces of art and craftsmanship. ⁣

The Hemlis (Swedish word for secret) box featured in Steve's lastest blog post is paired with the Time Bomb cocktail that we thought was rather Swedish. There's aquavit and vodka in it, both very common in the Swedish drinking culture. When mixed in equal parts with fresh lemon juice, a delightfully dry cocktail emerges. ⁣

Go check out Steve's blog to see the Hemlis box and also his take on the Time Bomb.

The box in our photo is by no means a puzzle box. But it was the most puzzle-box-looking prop we could find!⁣ The cocktail is an authentic Time Bomb though.

Time Bomb



1 oz aquavit⁣
1 oz vodka⁣
1 oz fresh lemon juice⁣


Stir with plenty of fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lemon peel.⁣