cocktail Mar 3, 2019


Earlier this week there was a rather epic drinkstagram meetup taking place at Tweed Bar here in Stockholm. Together with some of the most inspiring Swedish cocktail instagrammers, we were guided through the interesting history of Bacardi rum by Richard Man and after that we got to try the Supino cocktail…⁣

…which is the entry to this year’s Bacardi Legacy by Micke Karlsson at Tweed Bar. What we especially like about this drink is how Micke made a very Swedish twist to it, using a pine juice syrup (the Supino syrup) which gives the cocktail very woody and earthy notes. Also the muddled apple gives both texture and a nice acidity to the drink which is even further enhanced by a very generous splash of fresh lime juice.⁣

We just had to make the Supino cocktail at home, using the Supino syrup we were kindly gifted. As seen in the photos, we disobeyed the suggested choice of glassware. But also in a wide coupe the cocktail stands out in a smashing way. The Bacardi Carta Blanca is such a good fit for this drink, it tastes a lot of rum but still lets the other ingredients used in the cocktail stand out and shine on their own.⁣


Recipe by Micke Karlsson


1,75 oz Bacardi Carta Blanca⁣
1 oz lime juice⁣
1,25 oz Supino syrup (see below)⁣
a quarter of a green apple⁣


Start by muddling the apple in a shaker. Add all other ingredients and shake vigorously with fresh ice. Double strain into a rocks glass, over a large ice cube and garnish with an apple slice.