Palo Negro

cocktail Nov 18, 2020

For a while we've been wanting to mix a really luxurious, tequila-based cocktail. We've been looking for just the right, elegant enough recipe, as well as a high quality tequila to base it on.⁠

In Josefine Sondlo's and Madeleine Rapp's book “Tequila & Mezcal” we found Ivy Mix's recipe for the Palo Negro. A complex drink even though theres only three alcoholic ingredients in it. A large amount of tequila, a big splash of spicy palo cortado sherry and then another splash of dark rum. Two distinct spirits and a fortified wine unite into this multiplex cocktail experience, that is somehow the definition of elegance and sophistication in drinks.⁠

Choosing a good tequila seemed essential here. We came to think about Patrón Reposado, which we've looked at so many times but until now never had in our home bar. Well it was about to change when we decided to use it in this cocktail. The Patrón has a nice amber colour, almost a bit shimmering. It tastes both of peppers and spices, but at the same time of honey and caramel. Nice to sip on its own, but also luxurious to mix with.⁠

The final result is overwhelmingly good. There is a certain dryness to the drink, almost with martini vibes. But then the spiciness and the agave/rum-combination shine through, accompanied by that single barspoon of sweet simple syrup. This is a cocktail to sip slowly and decadently on.⁠

Recipe by Ivy Mix


2 oz reposado tequila⁠
1 oz palo cortado sherry⁠
0,5 oz dark rum⁠
1 barspoon simple syrup


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. As it is a large serve it is nice to keep half the drink in a small bottle resting on crushed ice.⁠