La Conha

cocktail Jan 1, 2021

It's kind of a Pina Colada though not quite. It's made with coconut water rather than coconut milk/cream and we love how this refreshes an otherwise very heavy and sometimes overwhelming classic.⁠

We also especially like the addition of sherry. It gives the drink a certain dryness, plus it helps taking down the ABV. ⁠

A good way to start 2021 we think!⁠

Recipe by Kate Houser⁠


1,5 oz white rum⁠
1,25 oz pineapple juice⁠
1 oz coconut water⁠
0,25 oz fino sherry⁠
0,25 oz fresh lime juice⁠
0,25 oz simple syrup⁠


Combine all of the ingredients in shaker with ice, then shake to chill. Strain over ice in a Collins glass.⁠