Jinger & Barb

cocktail Oct 25, 2018

Japanese gin is so exciting. We love the elegant and respectful approach producers from Japan seem to have on spirits. In this elevated gin and tonic we are using Roku gin, which comes in a six sided bottle representing the six botanicals used in the production.

In this drink there is also another new acquaintance in the form of a flavored, tea based tonic syrup from Ayana Tonic. It comes in a few different flavour combinations, and we immediately fell for the ginger and rhubarb one. It’s very different from regular tonic water (which usually have more neutral flavors). The Ayana syrup is rather bitter, something we really like.

Drinking a gin and tonic, and at the same time getting the yuzu from the Roku gin, and the tea, ginger and rhubarb from the tonic was a really enjoyable experience!

Oh and the pumpkin garnish? Well no direct connection to the ingredients used in the drink, we just couldn’t resist this cute pumpkin when we saw it in the store =)

Jinger & Barb

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


2 oz Japanese gin
1 oz Ayana rhubarb & ginger tonic syrup
0,5 oz simple syrup (or more to taste)
1 dash rhubarb bitters


In a rocks glass, stir together all ingredients briefly. Add lots of fresh ice and top up with sparkling water.