Golden Hour

cocchi americano Oct 19, 2019

We recently had drinks at Dear Irving and one of our favourite cocktails on their current menu is the Golden Hour. It is a perfect mix of light and sweet Italicus, dry sherry, bitter Suze and refreshing Cocchi. And that salty olive oil makes the perfect edible garnish, complementing the cocktail extremely well.⁠

We love that Dear Irving are sharing the recipes for a lot of their drinks in their Instagram feed. Definitely worth checking out. And the Dear Irving bars (yes there are two) should for sure be visited whenever you end up in NYC!⁠

Golden Hour

Recipe by Jena Lane


2 dashes orange bitters⁠
1 oz Italicus⁠
0,75 oz sherry Manzanilla⁠
0,75 oz Cocchi Americano⁠
0,5 oz Suze⁠


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Express grapefruit over the glass and garnish with drops of olive brine and grapefruit infused olive oil.⁠


a cocktail glass