Golden Gate

benedictine Oct 1, 2018

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The lime garnish for this cocktail we are creating with the Arondight knives from Edge of Belgravia whose products we’ve tried before. The Arondight range has everything from a small and flexible paring knife (seen in our photos) to a large and sturdy chef’s knife. They all fit beautifully into the Black Diamond knife holder, which we think looks almost sculptural in our photos.

Edge of Belgravia are offering 20% off the Arondight range right now. Head over to their web page and use promotional code COCKTAIL20 to receive the discount on these nice knives.

The cocktail itself was absolutely delicious. The bitterness from grapefruit and Campari is cleverly countered by the sweet and luxurious Grand Marnier and the sour lime. We wanted to serve the cocktail in a slightly more dramatic way so we watered a black table, added a heavy marble tray and poured the drink in a wooden mug. A vintage cocktail pick and a super sharp knife piercing a lime completed the look. Cheers!

Golden Gate

Recipe by Thomas Waugh


0,75 oz Grand Marnier

0,5 oz Benedictine liqueur

0,5 oz Campari

0,75 oz grapefruit juice

0,5 oz lime juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice. Strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with lime. (We didn’t fully comply, and rather served the drink in a wooden container, not adding any crushed ice. It still tasted awesome).