Gin & Tonic

cocktail Apr 27, 2019


We are finally trying out the color changing Illusionist Gin in a classic Gin & Tonic. Pouring up the intense blue/purple gin is so intriguing. We think it’s nice to do this straight over ice-cubes in a highball glass. ⁣

Then when the tonic water is added the magic happens. The color of the gin changes from blue to pink the more tonic water you add. We topped up the glass and ended up with the most lovely pale pink colored drink, making a very visual impact.⁣

Of course it’s not all in the color, the taste of the Illusionist gin is spectacular on its own. We think it has a floral note that is quite noticeable, and that is really likable. It is a gin with a distinct flavour, and the stunning color emphasizes the characteristic taste.⁣

Knowing this gin is both handmade and organic certainly elevates the drinking experience even further!⁣

Gin & Tonic



2 oz gin⁣
premium tonic water to top up with ⁣


⁣Add a couple of big ice cubes to a highball glass, and pour in the gin. Top up with tonic water and make a gentle stir.⁣