Gin Crown

cocktail Aug 20, 2019


Tall gin drinks are great during the hotter months. This one which also has genever in it is a refreshing quencher with a gorgeous golden colour.

The tiny amount of walnut liqueur is interesting. It feels almost unnecessary when you put it in the mix, but then you take a sip of the drink and immediately recognize that nutty flavour. It's a fun way of using liqueur almost as a bitter.

Gin Crown

Recipe by Jonathan Lind


0,75 oz gin
0,75 oz genever
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice
0,5 oz grapefruit juice
0,5 oz rich simple syrup
1 dash walnut liqueur
ginger beer to top up


Shake all ingredients except the ginger beer with fresh ice and strain into an ice filled highball glass. Top up with ginger beer, gently stir and garnish with lemon wheels.