Flora & Umeshu

cocktail Jun 5, 2023

Flora & Umeshu is a delightful cocktail created by Cocktail Detour. It combines the floral notes of Hendrick's Flora Adora gin, the sweetness of umeshu, and the tanginess of fresh lemon juice. To achieve a fluffy texture, the ingredients are dry shaken without ice, and then ice is added for further shaking until the cocktail is cold. Finally, it is strained into a coupe glass for serving.

The cocktail was crafted to coincide with the release of Hendrick's Flora Adora gin, which is part of the "Cabinet of Curiosities" collection. It was designed to capture the essence of spring in Sweden, with the sunlit balcony serving as the perfect backdrop for the cocktail shoot. The addition of umeshu to the gin-based sour created a delicious flavor combination that was truly enjoyable.

Flora & Umeshu

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


25 ml Hendrick’s Flora Adora gin

45 ml umeshu

20 ml fresh lemon juice

10 ml simple syrup

some egg-white


Dry shake all ingredients (without ice) at first to get the egg-white fluffy. Then add ice and continues shaking until cold. Fine strain into a coupe.