Finnish Fizz

cocktail Aug 24, 2020

Kalevala's new ruby gin is quite something. It's infused with blueberries and cranberries, giving the gin a refreshing berry flavour as well as an intense ruby red colour. To further play on the products Finnish roots, we chose to mix it with sea buckthorn juice. It's quite acidic but it has a certain elegant sweetness to it as well. The lemon in the mix paired with the simple syrup balances everything quite nicely.⁠

We actually made this drink a few days ago, at one of the hottest days of the season so far in Stockholm. Sipping (or rather gulping) this ice cold fizz was just the quencher we needed in the heat. ⁠

Oh and by the way, the sage garnish is home grown.⁠

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


Recipe for 2-3 servings:⁠
10 oz sea buckthorn juice⁠
4 oz Kalevala ruby gin⁠
1,5 oz lemon juice⁠
1 oz simple syrup⁠


Either mix all ingredients straight into 2-3 tall glasses, stir and fill up with ice. Or, do like us and turn it into a fizz; pour all ingredients through a sieve into a siphon. Put in the fridge for a few hours so it gets cold. Then charge the siphon with one CO2-cartridge. Carefully open the siphon and pour the content into 2-3 ice-filled tall glasses.


tall glasses