Cuban Pete

chocolate liqueur Jan 28, 2021

We find this drink rather elegant, with its pale colour and its subtle ingredients. Coconut water is rather unused as a cocktail ingredient, but it works beautifully we think. It is sweet and has a lot of coconut taste, but it doesn't come with the thick creamy (sometimes overwhelming) textures that coconut milk does.⁠

Also the chocolate notes here are so good. It's not a whole lot of chocolate liqueur used, but still it shines through in a much delightful way. The lime juice balances the sweet notes perfectly and the overall features of this drink are sweet and sour.⁠

Recipe by Ingrid Skaue Øines


1,75 oz Bacardi Carta Blanca light rum⁠
0,75 oz white creme de cacao⁠
0,75 oz lime juice⁠
0,75 oz coconut water⁠
8 fresh mint leaves⁠


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with mint.⁠