campari Mar 26, 2018


The Boulevardier is striking for several reasons. First, there's the ruby red colour thanks to the Campari. Secondly the flavor is so nicely balanced. We are using Naked Grouse scotch whisky which works brilliantly in this classic cocktail. And third, it's a three ingredients only recipe, with sweet vermouth as the final ingredient.

The Naked Grouse is a blended malt scotch whisky based around a few different whiskies with Highland Park being one of them. Normally whisky is matured on bourbon casks but the Naked Grouse rather gets it flavor from first fill sherry casks.

This makes the whisky very smooth and round. The sherry notes are immediately present, and the whisky tastes of chocolate and dried fruit. It almost begs to be used in cocktails, and in the Boulevardier it truly gets to be the shining star despite the rather potent Campari and sweet vermouth it's paired with.




1,5 oz Naked Grouse scotch whisky
0,75 oz Campari
0,75 oz sweet vermouth


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.